Irish Whiskey

A spirit produced in Ireland and obtained from the distillation of grain, it is p2016/02bly the oldest Whiskey in the world. Initiallyit was produced only as a single malt, now there is also blended quality. Compared to the Scotch Whisky, which undergoes a double distillation, the Irish Whiskey is characterized by the triple distillation adopted in its production. In Ireland the ovens for peat drying used in the process of malting are basically "closed", i.e. keep out the smoke produced from the peat. The grain is pressed and not ground and at the end of the infusion the wort passes through the oat husks that are precipitated on the bottom of the vat, acquiring their taste. The distillation takes place in pot stills.The law in force provides an aging for at least five years. The best products are often aged up to 15 years, usually in barrels that contained Sherry. The palate is sweet and soft if compared to Scottish one and undergo less aroma changes during the aging. It has an alcohol volume of 40%.