Irish Whiskey, characterized by a triple distillation, produced for the first time in 1780 in Dublin, nowadays it is distilled in Cork, although the aging still occurs in the Irish capital. The company was founded by Scotsman John Jameson who bought the distillery in Bow Street in 1780. In 1966 the Irish Distillers Group was born from the union of the Distillers Company in Cork, John Jameson and John Powes. Then was built the distillery in Midleton, County of Cork, which now produces most of the Irish Whiskey sold in the nation. In 1998 Irish Distillers was acquired by Pernod Ricard. On the label of the bottle there is the Latin inscription "Sine Metu", that means "without fear", which became the motto of the Jameson family since 1500, years in which it distinguished itself for the battles against pirates in the northern seas.