About Us

In 2006, four bartenders of Rome, Italy, joined their forces to realize the dream of every bartender: start their own club. After several months of “anonymity” this little cocktail bar located in the heart of Trastevere, one of the most picturesque areas of the Italian capital, began to see a growth of customers out of all proportion, thank to the extremely friendly atmosphere, to the attractive decor and especially to cocktails never seen (or drunk) before! After just a year the adventure undertaken by the four dreamers-bartenders had turned into success, and the fame of their mixtures had reached (and often exceeded) all the “seven hills of Rome”: Stairs – this was the name of the club – was firmly established as the “Mecca of good drinking in Rome”.

Two of the four musketeers in this story were master trainers in a school for professional bartending, so the group decided to start a training activity inside of the club during the day time, the MIXOLOGY Academy. The initial idea was to train some staff (bartenders and barladies) to make it ready for working into the club, until the growing number of students to courses for bartenders brought the MIXOLOGY Academy to acquire an office of its own, becoming in effect a school for professional bartenders and bar managers.

After some years of activity the group broke up, as well as the desire to pursue the dream that had held together the four musketeers; instead the passion for teaching and the desire to pass on their knowledge in mixingcocktails, American Bartending, flair bartending (also known as free-style) and bar business, pushed two of them to carry on the school that even today, every month, is churning out of new professionals.

CocktailsSpiritsLiquors.com is an initiative of MIXOLOGY Academy to spread the culture of drinking well and responsibly, making available for anyone – for free – a veritable encyclopedia on alcohol, spirits, liquors and recipes with which to mix properly the various products with each other: the cocktails.