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Mixolopedia is the Alcohol Encyclopedia on spirits and liqueurs, as well as on cocktails mixed and drunk all over the world. Born from the desire to provide both bartenders and consumers more information about the alcoholic beverages that accompany their nights, including good tips on how to mix the ingredients with each other. The service provided is totally free and everyone can help notifying us products or recipes not reviewed.



In the menu on the right are categorized all of the best known spirit brands in the world (Distillates and Liqueurs with their sub-categories such as Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Whisky/Whiskey…), with detailed descriptions of how they are made, and the characteristic visual and aromatic notes such as color, scent, taste and aftertaste (finish).

In the category Cocktails you will find, both in alphabetical order and grouped by families, all the most particular drinks consumed in the clubs of the 7 seas, complete with recipes, photos and the bar equipment necessary to achieve them!


Within the Glossary you can search the definitions of all the technical terms related to the world of alcohol and beverages in general, from raw materials from which “spirits and liquors are born to the processes and tools used to obtain them.

If you already know the name of the spirit, liquor, brand, cocktail or technical term you want to look for, you can use the Search button on top of this page, or at the top right of any other page of the Alcohol Encyclopedia.

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