Ciemme Liquori

Ciemme, founded in 1948 in Pordenone and later moved to Gorizia, in Italy, is a factory that produces, ages in barrels, refines and bottles grappa, spirits and wines. Friuli, its region, due to the peculiarities of its soil and geographical position is a particularly suitable environment for the processing of its products, including some grappa as the "Land of Grappa" and "Friuldoro" white and aged, the prestigious "Grappa Monovitigno" and a line of spirits enriched by the "Queen of White grapes" (Uve Regina Bianche) their personal grape spirit. They make equally qualified liquors including the "Millefiori", the "Plum Ciemme", the "Lemon Liquor", the "Rum Creole" and many other products, such as fruit syrups, which have contributed to the success of this company, based mostly on the quality of its products.