Shake and Strain

This method is used to prepare cocktails “Straight Up”, which are served in the Martini Glasses (Martini Glass, Double Martini Glass and Margarita Glass).


  • It’s recommended to cool the glass by filling it with ice and water (or soda water);
  • fill a 28 oz Boston Shaker with ice to 1/3, and pour the ingredients in it;
  • fit the the 16 oz Boston Shaker into the 28 oz Boston Shaker and shake vigorously for 6-7 seconds;
  • empty the glass of ice and water (or soda water);
  • open slightly the two Boston Shakers holding the ice in them, and filtering the ingredients previously shaken inside the glass.


Note: the filtering of the ingredients may also be obtained using the Strainer in place of the 16 oz Boston Shaker.