Rum produced by Licorera Zacapaneca SA, a company founded in 1940 by 3 Guatemalan families in the Zacapa City, in eastern Guatemala,  that relied on a well-known expert of Spanish RumDr.Burgaleta, to give life to a Rum of an excellent quality. In 1976 on the centenary of the city of Zacapa was created the Ron Zacapa Centenario line. The cultivation of sugar cane is favored by tropical temperatures for all year and by fertile volcanic soil of the southern coast of Guatemala. It is obtained directly from the distillation of the sugar cane juice called "Virgen Miel" (Virgin Honey). The aging takes place with the Solera y Criadera method in oak casks that have previously hosted Bourbon Whiskey, Sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines. This method, also used for the production of JerezBrandy and fortified wines like Marsala, is designed to maintain the constant quality and the imprint of the distillate through the time; in efferct the products acquired with this system never report the vintage. It consists in the arrangement of the barrels from the older Rum (Solera, bottom) to the younger (Criadera, top) and the Rum is literally poured from the higher barrels to those closer to suelo (hence the solera): in this way the younger Rum acquires the character and qualities of the older ones.