Alcoholic beverage produced only by fermentation, total or partial, of grape must, i.e. the liquid product which is obtained from fresh grape or mashing by draining or pressing.

Once fermented, the must can be cleaned of impurities: to get the white wine skins, seeds and stalks will be removed; to get the red wine these parts will be left to give, in addition to the characteristic color, a special aroma.

Rosé wines, instead, are obtained with a variant of the white vinification.

It is believed that the term “wine” originates from the Sanskrit word “vena“, which means “to love“, as the vine, Vitis vinifera, was introduced into Europe from Asia.

The discovery of this drink seems to date back to the Neolithic period and was probably accidental, due to the natural fermentation took place in containers where hominids placed the grapes. It certainly was not the wine we know today: it was a syrupy substance, very sweet and very alcoholic and to be pleasing was diluted with water and flavored with spices to enhance flavor.