Stir and strain

  • This method of mixing has in common with the Shake & Strain the purpose of serving the drink in glasses without ice with the difference that, because of the nature of the ingredients, we have to mix gently the contents of the Boston/Mixing Glass with the help of a bar spoon (stirrer) instead of hard shaking them.

    While the glass (preferably a Martini Glass) is cooling with ice and water, fill the Boston or Mixing Glass with ice, then agitate it with the aid of a bar spoon to freeze the internal side of the container: after a few seconds throw away the water produced by the melted ice, holding it into the container using a strainer.Then pour the ingredients of the cocktail in the Boston/Mixing Glass, mix gently with a bar spoon to avoid other ice melting, and filter through the strainer into the frozen Martini Glass.

    Cocktails that can be prepared with this method: