Muddled Ginger

1 oz Bitter Campari

1 oz Biancosarti

Fill Ginger Ale

Garnish: Chili Pepper and Cucumber slice

Build tecnique.

Cut and peel the ginger. Muddle it into a rock medium and add the ice. Add Capari and Biancosarti. Fill with Ginger Ale and stir it.

Garnishment: slice of cucumber and chilli pepper.

Gaber Cocktail was inspired by the famous italian songwriter Giorgio Gaber. He was the testimonial of Biancosarti and one of the most important personality of italian music.

The spicy and full-bodied flavour of this cocktail remembers as much as possible the creativity and uniqueness of Gaber’s personality.

Gaber cocktail was created by Matteo Cifaldi, barman at the Love is Dolce Vita and trainee at the bartending school in Rome MIXOLOGY Academy.