Blue Blazer

2 oz Bourbon Whiskey

1 oz Hot Water

1 ts sugar

peel of lemon

Pour the whiskey into a bowl and hot water in another one.

Turn on the whiskey with a match or a lighter and while burning pour it in the bowl with water.

Perform Throwing tecnique and repeat it 4 or 5 times.

The more daring persons increase more and more the distance between the bowls, creating a beautiful blue flame as long as possible. The flame is switched by putting the empty bowl over the full one.

Sugar can be put in the bowl with boiling water or in the balloon, in which the cocktail is goinging to be served; then the customer will mix it.

Cocktail that made famous Jerry Thomas! It was created in the gambling salon El Dorado in San Francisco around 1800. It is now considered as the ancestor of the modern Flair.