Pineau des Charentes

Fortified Wine made from grape must with mutated Cognac aged one year and present an alcohol volume of 60%. Its production area, Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (Denomination of Controlled Origin), is limited to the Charente-Maritime and Charente, France. Legend has it that the Pineau was born in the late sixteenth century by the error of a grower who poured grape juice into a barrel containing the Cognac. Some time later, having the need to use that cask for harvest, he discovered a delicious liquor. There are two varieties: White Pineau, aged for at least 1 year, with flavors of honey, fruits and spices; Rosé Pineau, of different vines and aged for at least 8 months, with fruity flavors.The quality can be defined as Old, more than 5 years of aging, or Very Old, 10 years of aging.