Liquor made with Laraha peel, orange kind that grows on the island of Curaçao, located in the Caribbean Sea in front of Venezuela. The Laraha tree is not native to the island, has developed varieties of sweet orange of Valencia, which was imported by the Spaniards. The arid climate and poor soil of nutrients have created this new fruit. The birth of this drink, as often happens, seems to have been accidental. What we know is, however, that the Senior family, of Jewish origin and came to the island with the advent of the Spaniards, was the one who started the aging and marketing during the nineteenth century. The orange peel, once dried so that they are easily able to release the sweet essential oils, are left to macerate in alcohol, sugar and water for several days. This is then filtered and integrated with other characteristics spices.The finished product has a strong taste of orange with an alcohol content and bitterness of the taste and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The color, usually transparent, can also present with different shades, which do not affect the reality on the final flavor, like green, red, orange and blue especially, is often used as a variant of the preparation of exotic cocktails.